Wednesday, February 08, 2017
Contact us today to evaluate your case. Case evaluations are always free and a determination is made within minutes concerning whether filing or petitioning is viable. Many issues are complex and unique and require extensive review and/or research of issues, which is the fundamental role of a consultation. Whereas free case evaluations determine the practicality or impracticality of pursuing your case, consultations provide crucial guidance and methods of how your case should move forward. If you see the “Chat” Box on the bottom right, feel free to start a chat with our attorney. You may also contact us via SKYPE or WhatsApp! by pressing the blinking SKYPE or WhatsApp! logo.

* These services do not apply to corporate/business, investment and employment-based cases.
Cann Legal Group was established in 2002. Since its inception, we have represented individuals, businesses,  
and   investors in all facets of immigration law. We specialize in immigration law and assist clients in other  
matters on a   case-by-case basis. We take pride in providing quality legal services, including frequent case  
management   updates and the availability of an experienced attorney and multiple translators for Chinese and  
Spanish-speaking   clients, among many others. CLG utilizes translators for the convenience of our foreign-
speaking clients,   ensuring a high level of dedicated, responsive service. We serve our clients in many areas of  
immigration law. We   are avaialable to speak with you regarding your case issues. In some circumstances, we  
take cases on a pro bono   or low bono basis depending upon certain financial conditions.

Pro bono and Low bono * - At Cann Legal Group, we strive to provide affordable legal services. We have  
worked   with Casa de Maryland and a number of religious organizations throughout Maryland, District of  
Columbia,   Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Immigration is a very specialized area of law that is highly  
complex and   one mis-step may create unforeseen consequences. CLG will always provide alternatives, if  
possible. It is   important that you have your case evaluated by an experienced immigration attorney to avoid  
mis-steps that   could lead to grossly negative results effecting you and/or your family. We offer free case  
evaluations to our   low-income clients. Please take this opportunity to ensure your case is handled properly.  
Oftentimes, we hear   horror stories about clients who've hired individuals or companies that are not attorneys  
and the outcome   resulted, most times, in denial, rejection or referral to immigration judge.
LOW BONO REPRESENTATION Posted on Wednesday, February 08, 2017
We offer low bono representation to clients of limited means. Go to the low bono page to find out if you qualify.
CONSULT AN ATTORNEY Posted on Wednesday, February 08, 2017
Schedule an appointment with an attorney. Whether it be simple or complex, it is significant in the case evaluation process.
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